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WINDHOEK-- The Green Climate Fund, set up within the framework of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), has approved a grant of 9.3 million US dollars for Namibia?s climate adaptation project, which aims to reduce the vuln...

Facebeat brand, waving the make-up industry

Windhoek-Twenty-three-year-old Sophia Ndashe, popularly known as Sophie Savage in the make-up industry rose from just an ordinary make-up artist to one of currently four gang of famous beauticians such as Miss Jey, Anna Hauwanga and Hannah Hangula.She ...

Jaguar’s E-Pace in local showrooms by mid-March

Johannesburg-Jaguar just added a new Cub to their family with the introduction of the Jaguar E-Pace in South Africa. Though smaller than Big Brother � the F-PACE, the E-PACE did not stand back at all for any car in her

Kubzansky Appointed Managing Partner Of Omidyar Network

Former Managing Partner Matt Bannick steps down after leading 11 years of innovation and growth REDWOOD CITY, California, March 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Pierre Omidyar, Chairman of the Board of Omidyar Network, today announced the appointment of Mike Kubzansky as the philanthropic investment

African Bicycle Contribution Foundation (ABCF) Chairman and Executive Director Visit Ejisu, Ashanti Region, in Ghana, from the U.S., as part of the Distribution of 50 Additional Free Bamboo Bikes to Students and Teachers

The ABCF/Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative (GBBI) partnership will also distribute free bikes to Kumbungu Senior High School students in Ghana’s Northern Region, next week. KUMASI, Ghana, March 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Officials of the African Bicycle Contribution Foundation (ABCF) today visited

Cravings for biltong drive youth towards business

Windhoek-The Kunene Biltong and Chews came into existence after, Simson Mario Ochurub's cravings for biltong one evening, last January.My cravings for biltong was very high. I thought to myself, I could actually venture in something like this, Ochurub ...