1 000 WBay pensioners receive Christmas food

WALVIS BAY: A total of 1 000 elderly people from Walvis Bay were treated to food and drinks by the local municipality on Tuesday.

The annual event is organised by the town council to bring pensioners together to enjoy some food before they enter the Christmas and New Year period.

The council spent about N.dollars 250 000 from the Mayoral Fund to buy the food and drinks for the elderly residents.

Speaking at the event, Mayor Uilika Nambahu urged the senior citizens to take good care of their children and grandchildren, in order to shape a responsible society.

Nambahu requested all grandparents to instill morals and values into their children and grandchildren, as they (elderly) are the most experienced people with wisdom.

“Let us teach our children to do the right things, because if we did not do so they will follow the wrong paths and we will be blamed,” she said.

The mayor continued that young people should not be allowed to abuse alcohol and use drugs, therefore parents must continue to stop such practices by children while they are still young.

She also used the opportunity to request the elders to vote in the Presidential and National Assembly elections this Friday.