$1 500 pm for pensioners under a DTA govt: Venaani

RUNDU; Poor farmers who cannot afford to fence off their land, will be provided with fencing materials for free in order to maintain food security in the country, the DTA president says.

McHenry Venaani, who is also a presidential candidate, said this during his party’s rally held at Rundu on Saturday.

He said many farmers are losing their crops to wild animals and livestock going astray, and there is thus a need to initiate a program of fencing off farmers’ lands free of charge to ensure their produce and livestock are safe.

The opposition party leader further promised that his party will provide tractors and modernize agriculture in order to boost food production in most parts of the country.

Venaani said the two Kavango regions (Eats and Wets) are able to be the ‘breadbasket’ of the country if agriculture is modernized.

He said under a DTA-led government, more irrigation projects will be introduced using the perennial Okavango River in order to make inhabitants of the two Kavango regions food self-sufficient.

With regards to pensioners, Venaani stated that it is a shame that ministers are highly paid while pensioners are only given N.dollars 600 per month.

“Under the DTA administration, all pensioners will get N.dollars 1 500, a grant being implemented in Botswana and South Africa, respectively,” he said.

He assured those in attendance that all citizens in the country will be treated equally, irrespective of their standing in society, and assured them that the DTA will fight corruption with vigor and determination.

He also promised that single mothers, especially those who are unemployment and poor, will be assisted with food parcels, cheaper electricity and cheaper water prices to take care of their children.

“We are going to make sure that single mothers will continue to get grants from our government,” stressed Venaani, adding that such a practice is happening in other third-world countries.

He said a DTA administration will tackle intimate partner violence in the country head-on, and promised to build houses of safety in all 14 regions of the country for victims of gender-based violence.

Such a move, he said, will assure abused men, women and children have refuge for protection and rehabilitation.

Venaani urged men to stop the continued killing of women, as it is bad for society.

The DTA leader then urged eligible voters to put their votes behind him and the DTA, as it is the political party with a message of change.

He said the DTA aims to invest in young people by introducing a youth venture capital programme for young people who want to start businesses.

“We are the only party that want to give young people a start in their lives. We are going to lend young people money to start their companies and create jobs in our country,” said Venaani, adding that his party is the only party that is serious enough, and has the capability and capacity to challenge the ruling Swapo-Party.

He said the DTA is a vibrant party that is able to tackle issues head-on, with the land issue top the party’s agenda.

Venaani concluded that DTA is the only party that can end the poverty trajectory in the country, and assured all citizens that they will have a fair share in the country’s resources.