10 Day Movie Premieres Tonight

In the summer of 2014, a merry band of moviemaking mavericks decided to laugh in the face of zero funding, no script, invisible cast and the tumbleweeds where the crew should be, to start producing a film they hoped would break the Guinness World Record for ‘Fastest Film Produced from Script to Screen’. This was 10 days ago. The movie premieres tonight.

And if all goes well, the film would have been made in 10 days and five hours which will usher director Caleb Cindano, executive producer Robin Thompson, producers Bernd Curschmann and Richard Thompson, as well as associate producers Kelly Thompson and Senga Brockerhoff into the history books.

Presenting an authentic Namibian multi-strand story that follows the lives of various characters dealing with lost love, corrupt police, women on a quest for vengeance and a taxi named Foxy, ‘Just Drive’ (2014), written by Blessing Mbonambi, is set to light up the screen at the Cellar of Rock at the Warehouse Theatre for invited guests this evening.

Though still somewhat of a mystery in terms of plot details, the film boasts a star cast of David Ndjavera, Norman Job, Joalette de Villiers, Risto Nghambe, Senga Brockerhoff, Kelly Thompson, Hazel Hinda, Enthony Titus, Lourina Josephat, Ruan Greef and Helouise Goraseb.

Brought to life pretty much by passion courtesy of the talented team who worked for way below budget or nothing at all, ‘Just Drive”s central theme of determination in each character mimics the reality of the crew who have spent sleepless nights filming, editing and shaking their fists at the relentless rain to bring the public a feature film guaranteed to debunk theories that good films need months and enormous budgets to be made.

In terms of breaking the world record, at the time of going to press, principal photography was wrapped two days before schedule and the film was in the frenzied hands of the editors.

“The biggest challenge was getting a storyline for this movie, however, when the clock started, we had one within three hours. That is how incredibly talented our team is,” says associate producer Kelly Thompson. “The biggest reward in all this is working with locals and knowing we can make a change.”

The general public can be a part of this change by making their way to the Cellar of Rock at the Warehouse Theatre at 18h30 tomorrow and on Friday, 28 March, for the general release of ‘Just Drive’.

Tickets will be on sale for N$0.05. Yes, for five cents. Members of the public are restricted to two tickets per person which are available at the Warehouse Theatre.

Source : The Namibian