12 Months for Escaping From Custody

Three of the trial-awaiting prisoners who escaped from lawful custody last year December pleaded guilty before magistrate Helena Ekandjo and were each sentenced to twelve months’ imprisonment in the Oshakati Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

The fourth accused pleaded not guilty claiming he did not escape willingly. Linekela Isaskar told the court he was forced to escape by the person who sawed off the burglar bars of the police holding cells.

“I did not escape willingly, I was induced by the person who cut the cell windows’ burglar bars and I only did that because he was holding a panga,” charged Isaskar.

The matter was remanded for trial to February 19.

In a different case in which he was fined N$300 or 30 days’ imprisonment for absconding from court on December 4 last year, Isaskar told the court he could not make it because he was taken into Angola by the other escapees and was only rearrested on December 14 when he returned.

He also informed the court he was forced to escape because the escape masterminds feared he would inform the police of their whereabouts.

“When I returned on December 14, I informed the police that I was home,” related Isaskar.

Other escapees who were sentenced are 18-year old Willem Victor arrested for assault and crimen injuria, Primus Simeon for house breaking and Simeon Junias for theft.

Their cases are still pending in court.

Prosecutor Petrine Hango represented the State.

The four escaped with eight other trial-awaiting inmates from the Oshakati holding cells on December 2 last year.

Source : New Era