14-Year-Old Girl Missing

THE mother of a 14-year-old girl, Martha Djuulume, is worried about her daughter who has been missing from their Havana home since last week Monday.

Martha is in Grade 9 at Hage Geingob High School in Windhoek. Julia Nghishoongele said her daughter is a well behaved girl with whom she has never had any problems before.

She also said her disappearance is putting her through hell. “I am not sleeping. Every time I close my eyes, there are different things going through my mind. Like a man has locked her in his shack or she is dead and dumped somewhere. I turned to the police for help and all they could say is that I should look for her myself because there is not much they can do,” said Nghishoongele.

She is calling on neighbours, friends and members of the public to help her in the search of her daughter. Nghishoongele, who is a security guard, said when she returned home from her night shift last week Monday, she found their shack locked and Martha was gone.

“I always make sure there is food in the house and give her the little I have. Her school uniform and all her clothes are in the house,” she said.

Source : The Namibian