14 Years Without Water

THE Oshakati Town Council wants to engage residents, whose water bills are in arrears, in negotiations so that a solution can be found.

This was announced by the town’s chief executive officer, Werner Iita, during a media briefing held here on Tuesday. “The Oshakati Town Council is cordially inviting residents who find themselves in arrears since 1993 to date and do not know what to do any more, to visit the office from now until the end of July 2014,” he said.

The aim of the invitation is for the council to see how best it can assist individual residents by engaging them in one-on-one negotiations.

According to Iita, every resident will be negotiated with individually as situations differ from person to person.

“Council has noted that some residents enjoy the services of the council and in return they find it difficult to contribute the little that is requested by the council for sustainability and continuity of the service rendering,” he said.

He went on to say it is important that every resident of Oshakati whose water supply has been terminated due to the accumulation of arrears over the years, visit the council’s office in order to find an amicable solution to the situation.

“The public is reminded that council will only be fully effective in service rendering once every resident takes up the responsibility of paying for municipal services monthly,” Iita pointed out.

However, he stressed that the invitation for negotiation is not meant for the writing off of debt, adding that it is strictly for negotiation purposes.

Residents who have had their water cut are reportedly receiving water from their neighbours or otherwise have illegal water connections.

Oshakati has a population of some 65 000 residents and those affected by the disconnection of water mainly live in the informal settlements in Oshakati West.


Source : The Namibian