2 500 Vehicles Needed for Elections

THE Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) says that it still needs to 2 527 vehicles to deploy at different polling stations across the country for the November elections.

Speaking to The Namibian this week, ECN director of operations Theo Mujoro said they were still in talks with government to provide vehicles, especially for the mobile teams.

He could, however, not provide details on how much the vehicles would cost, but said they needed an answer from government by mid-October. “Normally, we would borrow 50% of government vehicles while we get the rest from the private sector,” he said.

Mujoro also said the ECN will appoint more than 13 000 people to serve at different polling stations on technical and administrative levels during the elections.

He said that plans were also underway to increase the number of polling stations to cover all areas, in addition to the 1 354 fixed polling stations and 2 517 mobile polling stations.

“We will have 3 871 polling stations in total,” he said. The ECN said it was dispatching 1 354 fixed teams at each of the fixed polling stations and 819 mobile teams for the mobile stations. “There will be six officials per mobile team,” he said. He said the teams at the various polling stations are 2 173 in total. Mujoro said there will be consultations with stakeholders in the regions on whether they are satisfied with the polling stations that have been identified so far. He said currently the team is working in the regions to identify how many of the registered voters are first-time voters and how many had lost their documents or changed their marital status since the last elections.

Mujoro expressed confidence in the ECN’s new voters’ register, saying it could detect duplications. “We have introduced an Automatic Finger Print Identification System where we match the fingerprints against the rest of the voters”.

The new system is accurate and credible and will reflect the true numbers,” he said.

Mujoro said past experience with the old voters’ register system had been questioned but said that the new system is expected to record accurate data.

Source : The Namibian