22 Percent of Grade Six Pupils Poor Readers

A STUDY carried out on the reading habits of the country’s grade six learners found that only 22,4% of them could be classified as readers.

The study titled “The reading behaviour and preferences of Namibian children” was conducted in 36 schools with 1 402 pupils in seven regions.

Funded by the University of Namibia recently, the study says only 18,8% of pupils were mainly story readers, while 3,6% were mainly non-fiction readers. The study also underlines the poor state of information provision at schools because of lack of libraries and reading materials.

It also showed that the majority of pupils come from uneducated families that live in basic information-poor conditions. It further said children do not receive assistance with homework, are hungry most of the time, and walk to school over vast distances while their teachers are “not always qualified in the subjects they teach”.

The study recommended that the availability of reading materials through the development of school libraries, which are not available in all schools and generally in a “poor state”, should be improved.

Furthermore, ways to promote reading motivation and engagement by using available technology, was also contained in the recommendations.

Source : The Namibian