24 vendors who deserted rented spaces at Swakopmund Open Market owe local authority unpaid rental fees

SWAKOPMUND: About 24 vendors who unceremoniously deserted their rented spaces at the Swakopmund Open Market in 2011, owe the local authority unpaid rental fees.

The market is situated opposite the taxi rank in the Mondesa residential area.

Nampa managed to establish that the vendors owe the municipality between N.dollars 104 to N.dollars 2 104 per person.

The vendors were occupying the spaces on one-year contracts to sell among others fruit, vegetables, sweets, biscuits and mobile phone recharge vouchers to passengers of the taxis and other residents of the area.

Most vendors deserted their formal business spaces to go and sell their products in the streets and/or from their houses, claiming that it is not conducive for business.

The open mark has 84 spaces, but since it inauguration in 2010 only 24 people occupied stalls, but most gradually left.