30 Years in Prison Over Fatal Stabbings

The deadly use of knives left a 32-year-old man with an effective prison term of 30 years lying ahead of him after he was sentenced in the Windhoek High Court yesterday.

A week after Judge Naomi Shivute found Nekongo Noabeb (32) guilty on one count of culpable homicide and a charge of murder, she sentenced him to prison terms of 10 years and 20 years respectively on the two charges. Judge Shivute ordered that the sentences should run consecutively, leaving Noabeb with an effective prison term of 30 years.

It was aggravating that the killing that led to Noabeb’s conviction on a charge of culpable homicide involved domestic violence, Judge Shivute said.

Noabeb was charged with murder in connection with an incident in which his girlfriend, Judika Uri-khos (28), died in the Okahandja area during the night of 25 to 26 December 2009 after she had been stabbed in the leg with a knife. In her verdict last week Judge Shivute found that Noabeb had negligently caused the death of Uri-khos when he stabbed her in the thigh.

Noabeb also faced a second murder charge, flowing from another stabbing incident in which a cousin of his, Edu Noabeb, was stabbed in the chest with a knife at Arandis on 5 March 2011. Edu Noabeb (32) died the next day in a hospital at Swakopmund.

Noabeb pleaded not guilty to both charges at the start of his trial in April last year.

Judge Shivute said during the sentencing that the stabbing of Uri-khos was not an accident, but that Noabeb had meant to do harm to her.

Uri-khos did not deserve to be killed, Judge Shivute said.

The judge concluded last week that Noabeb had caused Uri-khos’ death negligently, and as a result was guilty of culpable homicide. She reasoned that he should have foreseen that by stabbing someone with a sharp object he could cause her death.

Uri-khos died as a result of blood loss after a major artery in her leg was cut when she was stabbed in the thigh.

Judge Shivute also said during the sentencing that Edu Noabeb had been the initial aggressor when he entered the room where his cousin was lying on a bed and started a fight with him.

He had been taken out of the room when Noabeb went to fetch a knife, which he then used to stab Edu Noabeb with, the judge recounted.

Noabeb is a first-time offender and is the father of two children, the court heard after he was convicted. His first child is a son aged 10. Uri-khos was the boy’s mother.

Noabeb, who has been in custody for the past three years, told the court last week that he has been having nightmares in which his late cousin appeared to him and spoke to him. Noabeb said he was feeling bad about the fact that he had caused the deaths of two people.

Defence lawyer Titus Mbaeva represented him during the trial. State aocate Simba Nduna prosecuted.

Source : The Namibian