53 000 Windhoek Motorists Face Arrest

WINDHOEK motorists with outstanding traffic fines face being arrested at work, at home or on the road.

This warning was sounded on Friday by City Police superintendent Adam Eiseb, who also announced that, since Friday, the police have arrested only five people.

This was despite Eiseb insisting that motorists with outstanding fines, who do not pay soon, will be arrested.

He could not provide a date when this operation will end.

“On own admittance they can come and pay their fines and have their cases and records cancelled,” Eiseb aised.

To avoid the inconvenience of an arrest, motorists are aised to voluntarily go to the City Police offices, from where they will be escorted to court.

He said 18 280 tickets are for private cars and 34 659 for public transport vehicles.

Source : The Namibian