63-Year-Old Man Shoots Girlfriend, Self

A 63-year-old man and his girlfriend (46), whom he allegedly shot before turning the gun on himself in Katutura’s Greenwell Matongo on Monday, are fighting for their lives, police have said.

Police spokesperson deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi said both were found between 09h00 and 10h00 at the corner of Green Mountain Road and Matsitsi road.

“We are not sure what transpired but the suspect allegedly shot his girlfriend twice – once in the forehead and then in the mouth. Then he allegedly turned the gun on himself,” Kanguatjivi said.

He further said the suspect shot himself in the mouth and the bullet allegedly exited through the back of his head.

“The woman also had a bullet going through her head while the other is still stuck in her head. They are both in hospital,” Kanguatjivi added.

The Namibian spoke to a family source who said they suspect the victim, whose name is known to The Namibian, wanted to dump the suspect because he was cheating on her.

“He is having another girlfriend and she heard about it, so when she tried to leave him he decided to shoot her,” the source said.

In another incident, 44-year-old Evalistus Shipanga was shot and killed in the Okaonde village in the Oshikoto region on Monday.

“It is alleged that the deceased was shot in the chest after a quarrel with the 62-year-old suspect at the cuca shop. The suspect is in police custody,” Kanguatjivi said.

Also in Oshikoto region, in the Omuntele area, nine-year-old Wilka Ndapandula Angula fell from a donkey cart after it hit a pole and overturned. She died on the spot.

Source : The Namibian