63-Year-Old Shoots Girlfriend

A 63-year-old pensioner – in a botched murder and suicide bid – shot his 46-year-old girlfriend twice in the head on Monday morning between 09h00 and 10h00 at the corner of Green Mountain Road and Matsitsi.

The police said the suspect allegedly shot the victim once in the forehead and once in the mouth before turning the gun on himself and firing a shot through his mouth, which exited at the back of his head.

The bullet that went through the victim’s mouth exited at the back of her head while the bullet in her forehead is still stuck there.

While information is limited at this stage, it is suspected the pensioner did not want to accept the fact that his younger girlfriend wanted to leave him for another man hence he decided to end both their lives.

Things, however, did go his way, as both are still alive at the Katutura State Hospital in a stable condition.

In an unrelated incident, a 44-year-old man was shot and killed at Okaonde Village in Ontananga on Monday at about 21h30.

It is alleged the deceased was shot with a pistol after a quarrel with a 62-year-old male.

The suspect, Annanias Aukus was arrested and appeared in court yesterday.

The deceased was identified as Evalistus Shipanga.

Meanwhile, City Police have confirmed that two men were apprehended on Friday evening after they allegedly robbed an IUM student of her handbag.

It is alleged the female student took the shortcut from Hendrik Witbooi Street when four suspects grabbed her handbag and ran into the nearby riverbed.

Superintendent Gerry Shikesho of the City Police said the neighbourhood watch mobilised and some shots were fired in the direction of the fleeing suspects.

He said a police van that was patrolling also joined the chase, but cannot say for sure who fired the shots.

After the shots were fired, two of the suspects handed themselves over while the other two managed to get away.

The two apprehended suspects were due to appear in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Meanwhile, Shikesho said while he appreciates neighbourhood watch vigilancy in crime-prone areas, he does not encourage citizens to shoot randomly.

He also cautioned IUM students to refrain from walking through the bushes, especially with valuables such as electronic gadgets as the gangs have spotters at the entrance of the footpath who alert their partners when someone enters the path, especially after dark.

He warned them to rather walk along the tarred road and also not to walk alone.

Source : New Era