96 Boreholes for Ohangwena

FARMERS in eastern Ohangwena Region received good news with the announcement by their regional councillor that Government has decided to drill 58 new boreholes and rehabilitate 38 others.

The chairman of the Ohangwena Regional Council, Paulus Mwahanyekange, who is also the councillor of Okongo Constituency, revealed the development in an interview with The Namibian.

According to Mwahanyekange, Namibia and China have agreed in their bilateral agreement to the drilling of 12 boreholes in the Okongo and Omundaungilo constituencies.

Twenty new boreholes will also be drilled under the capital project programme in the new Oshikunde Constituency.

Four other boreholes will be drilled by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry in the Epembe Constituency.

Mwahanyekange said a further 19 boreholes in Okongo Constituency that have not functioned for some years, will be rehabilitated by private contractors on behalf of the ministry.

Seven boreholes will also be repaired in the new Oshikunde, Epembe and Omundaungilo constituencies.

“This will be a big relief for the residents in the east of Ohangwena Region who, up to now, do not know about clean water from water pipelines as it is the case with other residents in the northern central regions.

“We only hope that the ministry of agriculture will urge those instructed with this major project to be in a hurry, so that our people, who are walking long distances to get water, can get water.

They have been using dirty water from self-dug wells,” said Mwahanyekange.

Source : The Namibian