A Book to Spark Your Marriage?

A Zimbabwean pastor based here in Ohangwena region, Evan Mawarire’s sexy book titled What He Wants is launching at a church service to be held in Eenhana’s Garden Park on Sunday

What He Wants addresses issues of sex and sexuality and Mawarire believes it would add the spark that is missing in many marriages. He says married women will get an opportunity to understand how their husbands’ minds work and some of the things that men struggle to speak about in their relationships. While many Christians find it taboo to speak openly about sex, the Zimbabwean pastor who is in Namibia on a church crusade, is notorious for speaking openly about it during his church services and bridal showers. Mawarire hopes the book, published early this year, would bridge the “Communication Gap” that tends to crop up when couples seem unsure of what the other person wants. The pastor believes the person reading the book would get to understand the things most men find difficult to discuss in a relationship. The launch of the book is organised by the Faith Pentecostal Church, which is based here in Eenhana.

The Eenhana Faith Pentecostal Church Publicity officer, Matavela Hamunyela, says a lot of people have shown interest in attending the launch and sermon this Sunday. At the launch Mawarire is expected to not only talk about the book but also do some motivational speaking. “It is so interesting how he tackles the issue of sex in marriage. It would even be more interesting to hear him talking about it live,” Matavela says

Last year Mawarire won an award for being one of the most outstanding young persons. Organised by the Zimbabwean chapter of the Junior Chamber International (JCI), the program recognises young people between the ages of 18 and 40 who excel in their chosen field, and create positive change, improving public perception of socially responsible leaders.

He was honoured in the Moral and Environmental Leadership category. He is also the author of a teaching programme, Sex Files. Mawarire and his wife developed this programme when HIV and AIDS prevalence was at its highest in Zimbabwe. The same vibrant pastor wrote Dream Big and Make It Happen, a print and audio publication, which uses inspirational living examples to urge young people in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region to have a clear vision of themselves, and go after their dreams. He was appointed a youth pastor in his church in 2005 when the youth group had about 50 members. Through introducing the Sex Files programme, Mawarire increased attendance from 50 to 2, 500 per week. He reached over 40, 000 young people. Because of the African local culture, sex issues are not disclosed in most families and this programme is meant to benefit many young Africans, mostly from the SADC region and beyond.

Junior Chambers International network counts 200, 000 members across the world and they have plans to open offices in Namibia.

Source : New Era