A green economy requires new skills and technologies

`WINDHOEK: A green economy will require many new skills and technologies, the Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Development, Immanuel Ngatjizeko says.

In a speech prepared for delivery at a national workshop on ‘greening the construction sector in Namibia’, Ngatjizeko said he foresees that a green economy for Namibia will require such skills and technologies in construction, manufacturing, energy generation and use, the recycling and disposal of waste, and consumption of scarce resources such as water.

The workshop started in Windhoek yesterday, and is being held under the theme ‘Building a Green Namibia’.

Construction industry players gathering over two days to discuss ways to use natural resources more efficiently to create healthier and more energy-efficient buildings and homes.

New industries will be required and new economic opportunities will emerge for the designing, building and installation of green technologies that Namibia needs to avoid because of dangerous levels of global warming, Ngatjizeko said.

WINDHOEK, 20 MAY, AFP) – A US hunter who paid US$350,000 to kill a black rhinoceros in Namibia successfully shot the animal on Monday, saying that his actions would help protect the critically-endangered species.

Corey Knowlton, from Texas, downed the rhino with a high-powered rifle after a three-day hunt through the bush with government officials on hand to ensure he killed the correct animal.

Knowlton, 36, won the right to shoot the rhino at an auction in Dallas in early 2014 — attracting fierce criticism from many conservationists and even some death threats.

He took a CNN camera crew on the hunt to try to show why he believed the killing was justified.

Since 2012, Namibia has sold five licences to kill individual rhinos, saying the money is used to fund conservation projects and anti-poaching protection.