A Single About Knowledge Katti

Underground rapper, Aron Nanzimbogo, also known as Nanzyboy recently released his single titled Knowledge Katti about his desire to live a life like that one local businessperson, Knowledge Katti.

The song discloses how he wants to be filthy rich and live a life like Katti and never have to worry about financial problems. The single received more than a thousand plays on Soundcloud in less than a month with its catchy chorus. “He inspires me, I dig his work and I respect the fact that he gives back to his Namibian people, whether it’s by offering scholarships or getting involved in the financingdonating to those in need. He knows how to spend his paper, from swag, to chilling destinations,” says Nanzyboy.

Nanzyboy adds that he has the desire to achieve financial freedom and independence one day. “This is not only for money but I want to be able to do what I want for myself, family and my friends. I want to achieve something so I can live life the way I want to, without any worries,” he desires.

Asked whether the song is only a publicity stunt, Nanzyboy says he express what he feels through his music. “From the moment I came up with the idea, to writing it, recording and releasing it, I didn’t think of any publicity stunt. I named the song after one of the successful people who inspired me and the plan was to let people know about my thoughts and how I feel. That’s what music is all about”

“This is not just another song, it’s a massive hit. It has a catchy chorus and lines that can make anyone sing to it, and despite the truth in it, everything I says in that song is simply me pouring my heart out,” says Nanzyboy. The single is currently available for download on Soundcloud and a video of it is soon to follow.

Source : New Era