Aangandjera Gathering Cancelled

ACTIVITIES of the Ongandjera People United Party have been put on ice indefinitely including its intended launch which was initially planned for last Sunday.

A media conference scheduled for today to clarify issues surrounding the party’s formation and activities was also scrapped.

This comes after reports that President Hifikepunye Pohamba summoned Omusati governor Sophia Shaningwa to State House over the issue yesterday.

Shaningwa and Omusati Swapo Regional Coordinator Eric Endjala, allegedly spent the entire morning at State House explaining themselves to Pohamba who was allegedly angered by Shaningwa’s behaviour on the saga.

Senior Swapo and government sources told The Namibian yesterday that the meeting with Pohamba was heated.

On Saturday, Shaningwa publicly denounced the formation of the ‘party’ during Swapo’s 54th anniversary celebrations at Okahao, which is the Ongandjera heartland, after claiming that she had been informed of the formation by members of her staff. She also read out a list of senior public officials allegedly behind the formation of the ‘party’.

Some of those listed expressed unhappiness in the way Shaningwa handled the information without seeking clarity from them.

A source said some of those listed as being behind the formation of the ‘party’, were in fact part of the committee that organised Swapo’s 54th anniversary celebrations.

Shaningwa refused to comment saying simply: “That question is very difficult for me to answer.” She also said she was driving and was unable to talk to The Namibian.

Endjala denied being summoned to State House, saying he was in the Omusati Region yesterday although party sources from the region said he was attending to an emergency outside of the region.

Presidential Affairs Minister Albert Kawana said he was unaware of the meeting between Pohamba and Shaningwa over the Ongandjera ‘party’ and referred questions to Swapo secretary general Nangolo Mbumba.

Mbumba refused to comment on the issue. “That is rubbish,” was all he said before he cut off the call.

Andreas Kapuku, the co-founder of the ‘party’ told The Namibian that the social gathering has been put on hold until further notice. He also said the initiative could be disbanded because of some Swapo leaders and Omusati residents’ negative attitude.

“I am now tired of talking about this thing (party), because it is now getting out of hand and I cannot handle it anymore. For now, the gathering has been put on hold and I do not know whether it will still go on as planned or not, since it has caused confusion among many people,” said Kapuku.

Asked whether he was being used by prominent Swapo leaders listed at the launch, Kapuku said,”No, people are just after me because on the supposed launch programme, my name was listed as the person to be contacted and there is no one using me or something.”

He added that he was just an ordinary school teacher and a Swapo member.

When Shaningwa allegedly blew the lid on the alleged ‘party’ on Saturday, she listed a number of prominent Swapo party members who were said to be members of the new party.

Names of Reverend Jason Mbadhi Zionist funeral founder, Sion Sheehama King of Ongandjera, Johannes Mupiya Mayor of Okahao, Isai David Councilor of Okahao, Isai Kapenambili Leonard Shikulo Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO, Tarah Shaanika Auditor General, Junias Kandjeke Head of Windhoek City Police, Abraham Kanime Immanuel Haipinge and Reverend Ananias Iita were mentioned.

Kanime, Kandjeke and Shaanika told The Namibian on Monday that their names had been used without their consent. They alleged that they did not agree to take part in the said gathering and its activities.

Source : The Namibian