Abel warns ‘Ma-se-Kind’ gang members

GOBABIS: Criminals within the Omaheke Region will be dealt with because no one should disturb the peace and safety of others, the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the region says.

Regional Commander Josephat Abel said this on Sunday while reacting to news of the resurrection of gang activities at this eastern town.

The re-emergence of a criminal gang known as ‘Ma-se-kind’ (Mother’s child) in Gobabis’s Canaan informal settlement has given residents sleepless nights.

The group has been linked to various attacks on residents lately.

Gobabis had in the past been troubled by gang activities – mainly led by young people – who pick-pocketed, assaulted and even raped residents.

The police managed to put a lid on such activities, as no similar activities had been reported during 2014.

During a community meeting on Sunday, Abel assured residents that the police will do everything in its power to maintain law and order, and no lawlessness will be tolerated.

He warned group members of the ‘Ma-se-Kind’ gang to cease their criminal activities, as they could face the full wrath of the law when caught.

“If you are a member of this ‘Ma-se-kind’ gang, be warned. In fact, you must start shivering from fright now because the big ‘Ma-se-kind’ Abel is coming after you. We will deal with you in all ways possible; you can never escape us,” Abel told the community meeting.

The tough-talking Abel turned his attention to what he termed “shebeen-like churches”, relating the name to the noise made by such churches.

“As a secular state, we uphold all religions of this country. But it appears that some churches are only there to make noise. These churches make noise day and night.

“This must be stopped. Who told you that God likes noise? You can do your worship, but do not need to shout and make noise,” he said.

The regional commander said noise pollution is a crime and those making themselves guilty of such crime could be prosecuted.

The community meeting was aimed at sensitising community members on the operations of the police and to seek input from community members on how best to address the problems they face.