Abused Police Officer Seeks Justice

A SCHOOL cleaner accused of assaulting his police officer wife admitted in court on Monday that he battered her, but denied any history of domestic violence.

Alfons Mutumbulwa (57) appeared before magistrate Surita Savage in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court in Katutura on charges of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Objecting to statements from prosecutor Peter Kandjumbwa, who said he had on several occasions abused his wife Hilia Nepolo and has also threatened to kill her, Mutumbulwa denied ever hitting his wife before the incident which landed him behind bars, nor threatening her.

“I have never threatened her. This was the first time we had a fight,” he said, adding that she had hit him first on the day he beat her.

“She came into the room and found me talking on the phone. She asked who I was talking to and before I could answer she grabbed the phone. When she realised I was talking to one of my daughters, she dropped the phone on the bed and walked out of the room,” Mutumbulwa told the court.

He further said Nepolo insulted him about his mother later, and the words angered him such that he grabbed her by the shoulder.

“She then hit me with a fist and grabbed my testicles. I asked her to let go of me because I was in pain but she refused. I punched her three times and I saw then that she was bleeding,” Mutumbulwa said.

But Nepolo said she has had a violent and abusive relationship that dates back to 2004 and was reluctant to report the matter to the police.

Nepolo also said she fears for her life should Mutumbulwa be released on bail because she had received death threats from Mutumbulwa at least seven times in 12 years.

The 42-year-old said she remembered the day of the assault very well – 30 March 2014 – when she and her husband had just returned from church.

Nepolo said she never thought asking him about who he was speaking to on the phone would degenerate into abuse.

She said after the confrontation over the phone incident, he followed her to the kitchen and said to her, “nena olyoye”, adding that if “I didn’t like his children I should tell them leave but he will die with them”.

“That is when he started beating me and only stopped when he realised I was bleeding. I went to hospital and then opened a case against him,” she said.

For safety reasons Nepolo could not specify her current residential address after leaving Greenwell Matongo where she used to stay with Mutumbulwa.” I am appealing to the Ministry of Safety and Security as well as the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare to help save my life,” Nepolo pleaded.

Mutumbulwa has so far made three appearances in the Windhoek’s Magistrate Court in Katutura and his bail application has been postponed to today.Nepolo was one of many Namibians who heeded President Hifikepunye Pohamba’s call for prayer against gender-based violence on 6 March at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Windhoek.

Source : The Namibian