ACC Busts Immigration Officer At Walvis Bay

A NAMIBIAN immigration officer has appeared in the Walvis Bay Magistrates’ Court on charges of bribery emanating from abusing entry and departure stamps.

Elia Ndumba was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Commission on Friday.

Ndumba allegedly allowed an Angolan businessman to stay in Namibia for a longer period during 2012.

He faces charges related to bribery alternatively abusing his office for gratification fraudulently making a false statement or falsifying documents.

The charges fall under the ACC Act and the Immigration Control Act.

Ndumba allegedly stamped an immigration departure stamp dated 5 December 2012 as well as a immigration entry stamp dated 6 December 2012 in Rafael Joaumlo’s passport to allow him to remain in Namibia longer.

It is alleged that Joaumlo entered Namibia through the Oshikango border post on 25 November 2012 and travelled directly to Walvis Bay, where he allegedly went to the immigration office for a request to extend his stay. This is where he met Ndumba.

Ndumba allegedly took Joaumlo’s passport and administered a new entry and departure stamp, granting him until 23 December 2012 to stay in Namibia.

Joaumlo allegedly paid Ndumba N$490 but never received a receipt for the transaction.

It is alleged that the identification numbers and location which are imprinted on the departure and entry stamps and which are supposed to indicate where the stamps were administered were deliberately disguised in order to conceal the identity of the immigration official who administered the endorsement.

A senior immigration official however picked up this discrepancy on the border control system and so the matter came to light.

Further investigation eventually led to Ndumba’s arrest on Friday.

The case was postponed to 7 July and Ndumba was released on N$3 000 bail.

Source : The Namibian