ACC Requests N$54.7 Million for Operations

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has requested N$54.7 million for its investigations of allegations of corruption for the 201415 financial year.

The money is also needed for activities for the prevention of corruption, its coordination, management and support.

Motivating and introducing the Appropriation Bill under Vote 30 on Wednesday in the National Assembly, Deputy Prime Minister Marco Hausiku said the ACC has a separate vote which is in line with statutory requirements that its operations be independent.

Equally, its functions are prescribed under the Anti-Corruption Act, 2003 (Act No. 8 of 2003).

The total allocation for the previous financial year was N$48.581 million and for this current financial year it has requested an increase of N$6.211 million which brings the total amount to N$54.792 million.

For its investigations of allegations of corruption, the ACC proposed N$2.850 million, while another N$2.8 million is for coordination and management.

The deputy prime minister motivated that the proposed increase would help improve and extend the ACC’s intelligence gathering capacity and help the commission successfully conclude investigations into alleged corrupt practices as well as recommend corruption related cases for prosecution.

He said one of the expected outputs is that the ACC would continue conducting examinations into the regulatory frameworks of public and private institutions in order to facilitate the discovery of corrupt practices.

Moreover, he motivated that the ACC would also improve its aocacy and marketing campaigns on the dangers and evils of corruption.

The ACC is also expected to finalise its National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Plan for implementation.

Additionally, it plans to launch and distribute anti-corruption manuals for teachers that will facilitate the integration of anti-corruption topics into the life skills subject offered by schools.

“Honourable members, in view of this motivation on Vote 30, I request this august house to approve the expenditure of N$54.792 million as set out in the schedule of the Appropriation Bill for 2014 in respect of the Anti-Corruption Commission,” he motivated.

Source : New Era