ACC’s Katima Probe Nears Completion

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) says its investigation into allegations levelled against the Katima Mulilo Town Council top brass over the alleged allocation of land to themselves and their relatives, is nearing completion.

Speaking to New Era yesterday, ACC Director Paulus Noa said their investigations have found that most of the plots were “procedurally and correctly allocated”.

The probe follows allegations that management council allegedly manipulated the system to dish out plots to staff members and high-profile residents, which included its chief executive officer Charles Nawa, who allegedly owns two industrial plots, a five-hectare farm and two other erven registered in his wife and her sister’s names.

Initially, the probe also allegedly looked at how Mayor Charles Matengu’s son was awarded a N$500 000 tender for the construction of the council guest house. The tender was allegedly awarded to Matengu’s son between July and December 2012. Residents at the town complained that land applications submitted by relatives of those working at the municipality were fast tracked, at the expense of those already on a long waiting list. However, Noa said the documentations they received from the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development, determining which land has to be developed, shows that some plots in question were “procedurally allocated and approved” by the council and the ministry after the owners applied to lease or purchase the plots.

“Residents made a couple of allegations. So we went to investigate and see what holds water and has substance. When we received the documentation from the ministry concerned, we found out that some plots people complained about were correctly allocated. We only have two more plots that we must investigate and we are currently awaiting documents regarding the allocation to the owners whether it was done procedurally and if approval was given,” the ACC Director said.

Source : New Era