Accused Denies Raping Victims

Epafraditus Ndokotora Unengu, the son of Acting Judge of the High Court Petrus Unengu, pleaded not guilty to all charges in the High Court before Judge Christie Liebenberg.

In a plea explanation yesterday read on his behalf by his lawyer, Sisa Namandje, Unengu denied all allegations against him and put the onus of proof on the State.

He however admitted to having consensual intercourse with both his accusers.

Unengu also faces three counts of attempted murder and two counts of rape.

It is alleged in the first count that he strangled the complainant who may not be identified for ethical reasons with intent to murder her whereafter he raped her at Makambu village on July, 09, 2011.

It is alleged after the rape Unengu assaulted the complainant by punching her and stuffing soil into her mouth with the intent to murder her.

Unengu denied he raped the complainant and said that it was consensual sex.

He also denied trying to strangle the complainant and pouring sand into her mouth.

He admitted to hitting the complainant, but said it was to compel her to release his private parts, which she grabbed when he refused to drive her to Nkurenkuru where he had met her.

It is further alleged that on November 06, 2012 Unengu assaulted another young woman in Windhoek’s Northern Industrial Area.

It is alleged Unengu raped the complainant while he was driving a taxi after he strangled her.

On this count he explained he gave the complainant a ride in his private vehicle after he dropped his uncle off in Otjomuise.

He vehemently denied he was driving a taxi and said he never drove a taxi or owned one.

According to Unengu he and the complainant agreed to have sex for a fee of N$500, but when he could not give her the money after the deed, she seemed upset and disappointed.

He however promised to give her the money “soonest” Unengu said, and added they exchanged phone numbers and he called her on various occasions to make arrangements, but she was undecided.

A few days later he received a phone call from the police asking if he was the owner of a taxi with the registration number N 94712 W.

He said that when the police told him a lady was raped in a taxi with that registration number he got upset and terminated the call.

Unengu categorically denied all allegations and said he did not rape and attempt to murder anyone as well as that his vehicle was never a taxi and that he had any other person except the complainant in his car that morning.

State Aocate Dominic Lisulo appeared on behalf of the State. The case continues today.

Source : New Era