Accused Described Keetmans Knife Murder

A YOUNG Keetmanshoop resident showed a police officer the scene where he stabbed a woman repeatedly after an evening of drinking and drug-taking in February 2011 and then left her lying after realising that she had died, it is stated in evidence placed before a judge in the Windhoek High Court yesterday.

Melvin Raymond Hanse, who is charged with counts of murder, rape and defeating or obstructing the course of justice or attempting to defeat or obstruct the course of justice, pointed out the scene to a police officer five days after the incident in which the then 25-year-old Anna Martha Vries had been killed.

Hanse (24) went on trial before Judge Alfred Siboleka yesterday. He pleaded not guilty to all three charges. His defence lawyer, Joshua Kaumbi, told the judge that Hanse would not reveal the basis of his defence at that stage, but that his defence would become apparent during the course of his trial.

Vries died after she had been stabbed 54 times with a knife, the prosecution is alleging in the indictment that sets out the charges against Hanse. It is alleged that she was murdered and raped during the night of 9 to 10 February 2011, after she and Hanse had left a bar at Keetmanshoop together.

After the incident, Hanse allegedly tried to hide or destroy evidence that might link him to the crimes by washing Vries’ blood from his clothes and his knife and by hiding the knife.

One of the first exhibits to be submitted to the judge as part of the evidence in the trial is the record of the pointing out of scenes that Hanse did in the presence of a police

inspector on 15 February 2011. Hanse’s defence lawyer agreed that State aocate Karin Esterhuizen could hand in the record of the pointing out as part of the evidence before the court.

The first scene pointed out by Hanse was the house where he was staying in the Tseiblaagte area of Keetmanshoop. He related that he had left the house, gone to buy some wine, and then showed where he had been sitting while he drank the wine.

After that, he pointed out the place under a tree where he had smoked a dagga cigarette before he made his way to a bar with the name Fire Fighting.

At the bar, he also took some mandrax, Hanse was recorded as having told the police officer.

He further said that Vries approached him at the bar. They later left the bar in each other’s company, supposedly to look for people who had Vries’ keys.

After they had walked some distance they started to quarrel, Hanse told the inspector. He said after Vries had broken a beer bottle and tried to stab him with a piece of the broken bottle he stabbed her under her left breast. Their quarrel continued and he then stabbed her several times more while she was aiming at him with the broken bottle.

Hanse also pointed out the place where he said he had stabbed Vries in the neck and where she then fell to the ground. That was also the spot where he proceeded to have intercourse with her, he said.

After that, he went to urinate, he said. When he returned to the scene where Vries lay he realised that she had died, Hanse told the inspector.

Hanse continued that he then started to walk towards the town’s police station to report the incident, but he turned around and went home when it started to rain.

He also pointed out the place where he had hidden his knife and where he hung his clothes after he had washed them.

The trial is continuing.

Hanse is being kept in custody.

Source : The Namibian