Accused Unengu denies raping women in Kavango, Windhoek

WINDHOEK: A man accused of raping a woman in the Kavango West Region in July 2011 and another one in the capital during November 2012, has denied any involvement in the two incidents.

The 33-year-old Epafradictus Ndokotora Unengu denied having raped the two women when he entered pleas of not guilty to two counts of rape, two counts of attempted murder as well as a count of assault with an intent to cause grievous bodily at the start of his trial that kicked off before High Court Judge Christie Liebenberg here on Thursday morning.

Unengu is adamant that he had consensual sexual intercourse with each of the two women.

“I have never raped anybody or attempted to kill a person in my life as the two complainants are now claiming. At all material times, I strongly deny that I had raped the two women because each of them had offered to have sex with me voluntarily and at their own free will. I also deny that I attempted to kill the two complainants by strangling them to death shortly after the alleged rape incidents. These are all pure fabrications by each of the two complainants. They had all agreed to have sex with me,” said Unengu in a statement which was handed in before court by his defence lawyer Sisa Namandje this morning.

Unengu’s alleged rape trial is being dealt with under the strict provisions of the recently-introduced Combating of Rape of 2000, which warrants heavy punishment of long prison terms in case of conviction.

The accused is free on bail of N.dollars 30 000.

Unengu allegedly committed the second alleged rape in Windhoek while he was out on N.dollars 10 000 bail in another rape case he stands accused of in the Rundu Magistrate’s Court.

In the Rundu rape matter, Unengu allegedly had sexual intercourse with a woman without her consent on 09 July 2011 at the Makambu village in the Kavango West Region.

It is alleged that he had attempted to kill the victim by strangling her and pouring sand into her mouth afterwards.

State Advocate Dominic Lisulo is appearing for the prosecution.

Trial continues Friday.