Actors, Actresses Invited to Audition

The National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) is today inviting actors and actresses to audition for its Theatre Zone project Madhouse.

Madhouse is a story of a married couple who struggle to find peace within their “madhouse” because of layers of secrecy, lies, deceptions and unending dramas. The seven characters are Mr Immanuel (Imms) Sheyavali, a 37 year old black man, tall, the husband to Lydia Sheyavali Mrs Lydia Sheyavali, a 31 year old black women, light in complexion, the wife of Imms Beauty, a 30-year- old black lady, bubbly, deep screen, with a Damara accent Pastor, a 40- year-old black man, marriage councillor with a foreign accent Genevieve, a 35- years-old white woman, with a foreign accent Margaret, a 45-year-old black female, snoopy and loud and Mother, a 50-year-old black woman.

The auditions start from 15h00 to 19h00 at the NTN backstage.

Source : New Era