Adonai College to Give Six Bursaries to Learners

Adonai College will be giving six bursaries to underprivileged learners who have been unable to continue with their academic endeavours because of financial constraints.

The Principal of the college, Loice Jori, says they will identify learners from orphanages. as they refine the process in the coming years. “We have found it imperative that we play our role as an education institution in the development of Namibia society and this entails extending a helping hand to those of our children that have failed to obtain any professional qualification because they have been constrained by financial resources. We hope to do this frequently, maybe on an annual basis, and our impetus will impact on especially the children who are in orphanages for various reasons inclusive of HIVAIDS victims. We acknowledge that more can be done but this also is a healthy step forward,” says Jori.

The bursaries are targeted at providing learners with an opportunity for training in the field of Information Technology (IT) and Office Management. Jori says that while the college has taken up this challenge, the desired national outcome under this challenge is that by the end of 2017, Namibia should be characterised by a culture of learning supported by an integrated, high quality education system that capacitates the population to meet current and future demands for skills. “It is our sheer delight that as the national development plan look to increase opportunities for learner’s vocational and technical education, we have been able to develop a platform at which some sort of contribution can be made in this regard. We hope that the benefits of these exercises that will take place from January 2015 will go a long way in enriching the lives of the beneficiaries, and hopefully change the course of their lives into self-sustaining individuals and possibly bread winners in their respective families,” she concludes.

Adonai College was established in 2010 and it offers several nationally and internationally recognised vocational, technical as well as languages qualifications that are accredited with City and Guilds International and recently registered with the Namibia Training Authority (NTA). Adonai College was established due to the growing need for multilingualism, resulting from globalisation and tertiary education in Namibia and offers a unique learning environment suitable for research with fully equipped computer labs that offer an excellent opportunity for growth in education.

Source : New Era