African Stars want replay of abandoned match

WINDHOEK; African Stars Football Club (FC) chairman Sidney Martin is demanding that the match between his club and Orlando Pirates, which was abandoned due to a power failure, be replayed.

The MTC/Namibia Premier League (NPL) game between Stars and Pirates was played at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Windhoek on 16 April 2014, but was abandoned when a power failure occurred.

A decision was then taken by the NPL committee that the two teams play off the remaining eight minutes of the game.

A statement issued by Martin on Monday however said African Stars disregards the decision taken by NPL for the two clubs to play off the abandoned minutes only.

He noted that the club will approach the Namibia Football Association (NFA) for an appeal to rectify “the disregard of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) rules” by the NPL committee.

“We wish to inform all interested parties that this absolute disregard of FIFA’S Laws of the Game, which Laws of the Game were accepted and integrated into the rules of the NFA, will be challenged to the fullest extent,” he stated.

Martin stated that Law 7 of the Laws of the Game 2013/2014, authorised by the International Football Association Board, states specifically that “An abandoned match is replayed unless the competition rules provide otherwise.”

“The NFA rules do not cater for this specific situation and are specifically subject to FIFA’S Laws of the Game,” he argued.

Stars coach Woody Jacobs told Nampa on Monday that the decision taken by the NPL is upsetting.

“Their decision is upsetting and unheard of. I do not know if our leaders in football consult all the rules or not, and I would understand if the decision was taken 24 hours after the match was abandoned, but three weeks after, I do not understand it or support it,” said Jacobs.

He however indicated that if they are forced to play off the eight minutes, they will do so but will not be happy with the decision.

When the match was abandoned, Orlando Pirates were leading African Stars 2-0, with both goals having been scored during the first half.

The match is scheduled to resume at 19h00 on Tuesday at the Sam Nujoma Stadium.