AfricAvenir, FNCC Partner With TV Show

After the successful launch of the monthly film series “Inspiring Young Imaginations – African Films for Children and Youth”, AfricAvenir and the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC)have formed a partnership with “I am the Key” Kids TV Show and will present the next film screening as a trio.

“I am the Key” TV Show is an early childhood developmental vehicle, which effectively uses television as an educational tool to educate, inform and promote the participation of children in the shaping and socio-development of their country Namibia. The TV show Targets children under the age of 15 years, this weekly interactive show is created with a profound and enduring appeal to young children, and to make a positive effect on them as they grow and develops, thus suitable for the whole family as well. “I am the key” show also aims to instill a sense of national pride in children, aocate for children rights and responsibilities, financial literacy and safety education, environment awareness and children campaigns, tolerance of diversity, and nonaggressive ways of resolving conflict which is depicted through interpersonal disputes among communities.

The TV Show airs every Friday at 15h00 and repeats on Saturdays at 07h00 on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) 1. During the “I am the Key” TV Show, children will are able to win tickets to the AfricAvenirFNCC African Film Series screenings. After attending the screenings at the FNCC cinema, the films will then be discussed among the kids in the following week on the TV show “I am the Key”.

The next screening is Once Upon A Time in Africa, next Saturday, June 7, an animated educational show by Brian Kyallo-Msafiri that takes its viewers on an exciting journey through African history before colonisation and through ancient African civilisations. Aimed at a 7 to 13 year-old audience, Once Upon A Time in Africa follows the aentures of four bright kids from the four corners of the continent (Chep from Kenya, Thandi from South Africa, Dudu from Senegal, and Omar from Egypt) as they travel back in time to fulfil a secret mission: revive the fading knowledge of Africa’s ancient past by experiencing the continents’ major historical events, colorful cultures and sophisticated societies.

In each episode, our four heroes find themselves in a new time and place, from 16th century Timbuktu to Ethiopia under the Axum kingdom or in Zanzibar at the height of the Swahili Empire. The children encounter real, colorful historical characters and help them as they face the challenges of their times, learning some valuable life lessons in the process. Throughout their journey, they are guided by a mysterious old “teacher” (a Desmond Tutu lookalike) who provides much-needed factual and historical background.

Mixing life-size latex puppets with beautifully crafted sets and animated green screen backgrounds, Once Upon A Time in Africa will appeal to the whole family and seduce audiences both within and outside the continent with its fascinating tales of Africa’s great achievements. The next film will screen at the FNCC Cinema from 10h00. Entrance is N$5.

Source : New Era