Ageing Harry Simon Prepares for Rematch

While many boxing fans say he is physically and medically unfit due to the multiple injuries he suffered in a catastrophic car accident a few years ago, Namibia’s two-time world champion Harry Simon says he is made of steel and no man can stop him from reaching for the stars.

Simon yesterday revealed he would soon be back in the ring for a rematch against Serbian opponent Geard Ajetovic, whom he dispatched last year to claim the vacant International Boxing Federation (IBF) lightweight heavyweight title at the Windhoek Ramatex Hall.

But in the aftermath of his victory, Ajetovic and many spectators felt the decision was deliberately tailored in the Namibian’s favour and not a true reflection of how proceedings unfolded that night. Thus Simon has accepted a rematch with open hands and says it’s just a matter of finalizing a few contractual details before they knuckle down to serious business.

Simon says he has grown tired of the endless street talk about how his victory was ‘daylight robbery’ and vowed to set the record straight, while promising to pour fire on the Serbian with his speed and power.

Reacting to the unfavourable judgments about his physical state and how his splintered right arm supposedly hasn’t healed, the Namibian legendary insisted he was in the best shape of his life and could take on “any opponent, any time”.

“Boxing is not about talent, I’m a heaven-sent miracle and a precious gift from God to Namibia. I’m in this trade for more than 20 years now and am still undefeated, which shows that I’m not only talented but somehow God-gifted and that’s what makes me a special boxer,” boasted Simon who turns 40 this year.

Drawing inspiration from his record of 29 wins and no losses, Simon blasted those doubting his ability and potential to return to the peak of his career, saying he still has enough ammunition in his arsenal to rumble for another two or three years.

Source : New Era