Agra Celebrates Roof Wetting of Lafrenz Property

Agra celebrated with great excitement the roof wetting of their Lafrenz Property on November 19 with Agra staff members, the contractors, subcontractors and members of the professional teams all in attendance.

The event took place to celebrate the progress on the building work and to thank the contractors for the quality of workmanship and the adherence to timelines. Complimenting the contractors and expressing his appreciation, Agra CEO Peter Kazmaier said: “I am convinced that this progress will continue according to plan and that our deadline for completion, 20 March 2015, will be met.”

In his welcoming remarks Kazmaier also highlighted milestones on the road to the N$110 million investment, from the first Agra Windhoek branch that was opened in 1980, when Agra was established, to the point where Agra Windhoek has totally outgrown its current available space.

In 1986, the first upgrade was done due to limited space and a change in the shift of yard sales to products in the shop.

With the construction of the Auas Valley Shopping Mall in 19992000 the Agra shop was again made bigger, followed by another expansion of the shop in 2006.

In 2012, it was clear that the increase in product lines and turnover necessitated larger space, especially as far as parking and loading facilities were concerned.

Kazmaier cited figures to show the growth of Agra’s Windhoek branch.

In 1986, the annual turnover for the Agra group, then consisting of 25 retail branches, had just topped the N$1 million mark but in the 2013 book year, Agra Windhoek branch alone achieved a turnover of N$160 million.

The search for adequate and acceptable space led to the bold decision to take Agra to the outskirts of town and Agra purchased four erven in the Trustco Industrial Park in the Lafrenz Industrial area just off the B1 north of Windhoek, totalling 25 539 m2.

The Agra Lafrenz development is Agra’s second largest investment, besides the revamp and extension of the Auas Valley Shopping Mall. The funds for the development was obtained from the DEG (German Investment and Development Corporation).

Agra’s Senior Manager: Properties, Henning Tiemann, explained the significance of the roof wetting ceremony which stems from a tradition to celebrate the builders’ completion of the roof.

Tiemann also thanked the main contractor, Namibia Construction, the professional teams SCE Consulting Engineers, Sawn Adams Quantity Surveyors, Axel Dainat Architects and all the sub-contractors and complimented them on the quality of workmanship and commitment to timelines.

A roof wetting circlet was also put on the building to symbolize the pride of the craftsmen and project achievements, and as a blessing for the new building and its inhabitants and visitors.

After proposing a toast and breaking the glass on the floor to wish good luck to the building and those that will frequent it, Fred van Zyl of Namibia Construction led the celebrants on a guided tour of the premises.

Source : New Era