Agra Increases Auctioning Capacity

Agra livestock’s capacity to service Namibians with livestock and other auction transactions, is constantly increasing and has received another boost with two staff members qualifying as auctioneers. Paul Klein and Herman Lintvelt successfully completed a course in auctioneering at the South African College of Auctioneers from March 3 – 7. Klein is currently a livestock agent in the central region and Linelt is the Agra regional livestock co-coordinator: central region. Their qualification as auctioneers brings the number of auctioneers at Agra to six.

Other inputs of Agra’s Livestock Division into its infrastructure include upgrades and additions to the auction facilities at Mariental, Grootfontein and Otjiwarongo.

The addition of Agra Properties (Pty) Ltd, trading under Agra Livestock, with six qualified property agents, further expands the services of this division. These inputs already paid off with several highlights recorded during the past few months. In November 2013, two industrial properties of Afrisam were sold at auction namely a property in Windhoek for N$20 million to Ohorongo Cement, and a property in Otjiwarongo for N$6,8 million to the Namibia Development Corporation (NDC).

Agra, being fully operational in selling properties on auction, will again auction prime property on April 10 at 10:00, when farms Miershoop and Liebenau, south of Otjiwarongo, will be for sale by order of the executor of Estate Late JSK Dedig. Farm Miershoop is 5 107ha with two residences, outbuildings and three labourers houses. The farm consists of 22 camps. Farm Liebenau consists of two camps of about 950ha and 1590ha respectively, and is game proof fenced with game species such as Eland, Zebra, Giraffe, Hartebeest, Oryx and Kudu.

A variety of movable goods will also be auctioned when the farm is successfully sold at this auction.

Source : New Era