Agra Says Not Only Money, but People Matter

“Agra’s corporate social involvement has grown with our business and a significant budget is allocated to well-considered initiatives and projects with the aim to live our purpose of creating prosperity and improving quality of life,” says Abelene Boer, Senior Manager: Marketing at Agra.

Boer was commenting on Agra’s seventh social report and the first social report as Agra Limited last week reporting on the company’s involvement and support to local communities and Namibian agriculture in general. The report indicates the reinvestment of funds into the Namibian community in the categories of knowledge skills and educational development organised agriculture livestock industry agronomy and business related events and initiatives, although many of the events and initiatives include all of the categories. Agra supports various drives that promote the dissemination of farming-related information, as well as scientific organisations conducting relevant research in support of sustainable agricultural production.

The professional services division of Agra Ltd, now called ProVision plays a key role in research and training in the agricultural sector. This division with extensive knowledge and expertise forms an important part of Agra’s service to the agricultural industry and is indispensable to Agra’s contribution to development. Agra plays an important role in organised agriculture and is structured into a network of local farmers associations and regional farmers unions spearheaded by agricultural unions. Various events to raise funds to support the functions and activities of the farmers associations and farmers unions are supported by Agra. Agra was one of the main sponsors of the first ever Outlook Conference in Namibia, a very successful event organised by the Livestock Producers Organisation. Agra is also a member of the Communal Farmers Consortium.

This consortium was established to provide and coordinate financial assistance to farmers associations with the hosting of livestock shows and championships in the communal farming areas, with the logistical support of the Namibia National Farmers Union. Stud breeders associations are very active in organising events where not only the breeds are promoted, but valuable information on farming is shared. Due to the high educational value of shows and livestock championships and in recognition of breeders’ inputs and commitment to constant improvement, Agra supports shows and championships by providing prizes, rosettes and ribbons, expertise and funding.

Agra does not only play an important role in the swakara industry of Namibia as the only marketer of the precious and globally sought-after swakara pelts. As a responsible corporate citizen, Agra also remains committed to developing and improving the swakara industry by developing and implementing strategies for growing the industry, imparting knowledge and directly supporting the farmers in their efforts to grow the industry. “To create prosperity and improve quality of life does not only involve making money and grow, but also to develop our people and protect our environment.

Agra is the largest agricultural business with 18 retail branches and has already established itself as a service provider and role player to develop agriculture in Namibia. Agra is thus an indispensable partner in the agricultural sector and the Namibian economy to create employment, offer training, support projects and provide products and services to clients. Agra shares this responsibility with all Namibians and is willing to pull its weight as smart partner of government to achieve vision 2030,” the chairman of the board of Agra, Ryno van der Merwe is quoted saying in the report.

Source : New Era