Agra Upgrades Rehoboth Branch

Agra’s first stop on its mission to develop its retail offering to the communities of Rehoboth and further south, is the re-launch of the Agra Rehoboth branch this coming Friday. This branch received a significant make-over, an investment of N$300 000 driven by the buzzing business and increased demand as a result of growth in Rehoboth. The branch was bursting its seams and with the popularity of Agra’s products and especially the specials at the end of the month, the need arose to expand the retail space and to employ extra cashiers. The retail space in the branch has been enlarged and the store lay-out changed. There are more shelves to accommodate more products and bulk packaging and, together with the shifting of the entrance, to improve the flow of customers in the store. Two more pay points, better lighting inside the store and canopies at the entrance, the salt shed and the containers are all additions that will increase the quality of service delivery and ensure a pleasant shopping experience.

The outside of the building also received a facelift. “The exterior of the building has been enhanced to draw attention to the existing branch and make this Agra outlet a real landmark in town,” explained Ulandi Philander, the manager of aertising and promotions at Agra.

Agra celebrates this investment on Friday together with the community by also giving back to clients. Besides the usual month-end specials currently available at all Agra branches, the Rehoboth branch will offer clients many more products at unbeatable special prices only available in Rehoboth from Friday until April 5. Clients, who buy at Agra Rehoboth on Friday, also stand a chance to win product hampers and for the next month, clients who purchase for N$500 and more qualify for big prizes, with the first prize draw on 4 April while the promotion will be running until May 9. Rehoboth is an important farming area and Agra therefore also provides livestock services to farmers in the area with its own auction facilities north of the town and a dedicated livestock agent. The need for an Agra branch at the town was expressed in 1983 already and the first retail branch started operating in 1984 from rented premises on the outskirts of Rehoboth. The existing branch opened its doors on Agra’s own property on February 28 1997.

Source : New Era