Agra’s New Head Office and Shop to Open in March 2015

Agra’s revamped head office and shop in Lafrenz industrial area is set for opening next year March 20, that is if all goes to plan. Agra is spending N$10 million in modernising its building that houses the head office as well as the shop. The building dates back to 1980 and has gone through a number of expansion renovations ever since. Agra is formerly a co-operative for the Namibian farming communities, which has now branched into a fully fledged business group with interest in retail, property as well as farming solutions.

“I am convinced that this progress will continue according to plan and that our deadline for completion, 20 March 2015, will be met,” said Agra chief executive officer, Peter Kazmaier, during the roof-wetting ceremony.

Agra’s investment in the head office and shop is its second largest investment, besides the revamping and extension of the Auas Valley Shopping Mall. The funds for the development are sourced from the German Investment and Development Corporation.

According to Kazmaier, Agra has been experiencing growth since opening its first Windhoek branch in 1980, when Agra was established.

In 1986, the first upgrade was done due to limited space and a change in the shift of yard sales to products in the shop. With the completion of construction of the Auas Valley Shopping Mall in 2000 the Agra shop was again made bigger, followed by another expansion of the shop in 2006.

In 2012, it was clear that the increase in product lines and turnover necessitated larger space, especially as far as parking and loading facilities are concerned. Kazmaier stated figures to show the growth of Agra Windhoek branch. In 1986, the annual turnover for the Agra group, then consisting of 25 retail branches, had just topped the N$1 million mark and in the 2013 book year, Agra Windhoek branch alone achieved a turnover of N$160 million.

The search for adequate and acceptable space led to the bold decision to take Agra to the outskirts of town and Agra purchased four erven in the Trustco Industrial Park in the Lafrenz Industrial area just off the B1 north of Windhoek, totalling 25 539 m2.

Source : New Era