Air Namibia Gets a Two-Week Lifeline

AIR NAMIBIA has been given two weeks to comply with civil aviation regulations or lose its air operators certificate.

The national airliner’s operators certificate expired yesterday and has not been renewed by the Directorate of Civil Aviation (DCA).

The certificate, which is the airline’s licence to operate in Namibia, is issued yearly if the company complies with international aviation standards.

DCA head Angeline Simana-Paulo could not confirm nor deny the extension yesterday. She referred questions to Air Namibia.

Sources told The Namibian that after a lengthy meeting yesterday, the DCA decided to grant Air Namibia a two-week extension.

They said the DCA’s reluctance to renew Air Namibia’s certificate is due to the fact that the airline has not met safety and operational requirements.

DCA inspectors are reportedly still busy doing inspections at Air Namibia.

The Namibian also learned that heads could roll, especially senior staff members, due to the embarrassing situation the company finds itself in.

A source close to the inspection process said Air Namibia has not been complying with inspectors’ requests and has not been making submissions as requested.

Fingers have also been pointed at senior staff members at the airline for frustrating the inspection process.

Air Namibia managing director Theo Namases yesterday said she could not comment because the company’s board was in a meeting to resolve the issue.

Source : The Namibian