AirNam Managers to Arrive in a Week’s Time

THE two new Air Namibia managers have now agreed terms with the national airline’s board of directors and are expected to start work today.

“Air Namibia’s operational team that was announced and introduced to the media in an aertorial a few weeks ago is now in place and has commenced duty, ” said Tim Ekandjo, Air Namibia’s board spokesperson.

Ekandjo added: “We can now confirm that they have taken up their roles as post-holders and will immediately continue to work on the outstanding items that still need attention. We are well on track and the momentum has been excellent.”

He further said when the team was announced to the media, it was on the premise that the Board already approved their appointments and that the finalisation of the work visas and contracts was therefore an administrative issue that needed to be finalised which “we can now confirm has been completed. There was, therefore, not a ‘no-show’ and neither have we lied about them”.

Ekandjo was responding to The Namibian’s report on Friday, which indecated that the national airline was still in the process of making offers to the managers, despite having publicised them as having been appointed.

The Namibian has learned that the process of appointing the two managers and their entry and work permits to come into Namibia was only concluded late Thursday afternoon.

He said the expatriates were expected in the country of Friday and report for duty today. Ekandjo said they signed six-months and one-year agreements.

“We have reiterated that they are here to assist and transfer skills and not to stay and that is reflected in both the duration of their agreements and its content,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister of Works and Transport Erkki Nghimtina defended the Directorate of Civil Aviation (DCA), telling The Namibian that he had to step in to compel the DCA to issue Air Namibia its air operators certificate.

He said the report “was not true and that the DCA was doing its duty and following procedure.”

Nghimtina said Air Namibia’s non-compliance with regulation dates back as far as 2006. Nghimtina refused to comment on the suspension and removal of managers at the parastatal saying he only deals with board issues.

Source : The Namibian