All Is Not Really Well At the Namibia Hockey Union

All is not exactly well within the corridors of Namibian hockey after damning emails were leaked to New Era Sports, revealing that some members of the Namibia Hockey Union (NHU) are at each other’s throats.

Leading members in the executive are accusing each other of incompetence, backstabbing and have being hell-bent to derail the progress of hockey in the country. There is an aura of unhappiness among certain members over the current system, with questions also being raised over the exorbitant N$250,00 registration fee per player.

The conspicuous absence of an Indoor League for the men’s reserve teams and field for the reserve league, as well as the lack of proper organisation has seen many players leaving the sport of hockey for other codes. Complaints of mismanagement and failure to avail minutes for various meetings have left affiliates in the dark over the day-to-day affairs of the union.

“It is my humble opinion that the job of the union is to see that structured leagues take place so that players can enjoy the sport and feel they are getting value for their money and an opportunity to develop their skills, while also according them a chance to participate at national and international levels,” reads a statement from a disgruntled member.

Management is accused of sending out league fixtures a day or two prior to the games while notice for national trials is dispatched two days before the trials. The disgruntled members also want to know as to why the union wants to erect an Astro turf while the league authorities are in disarray.

“As it stands, the union is entangled in financial dire straits and had it not been for the sponsorships solicited by EXCO to run the Union with expenses running into about N$1.5 million per year, the union could just as well have closed shop,”

“Every player pays a pathetic N$250,00 per year which does not even cover for the maintenance costs of the fields which runs close to N$400, 000 per year,” adds the statement.

Source : New Era