All Ready for Ohangwena By-Election

“We don’t want to have only some of our [Swapo] people in parliament anymore we want to take all the seats in parliament,” remarked the Governor of Ohangwena Region Uusko Nghaamwa when mobilizing Swapo supporters at a star rally in preparation for tomorrow’s Ohangwena Constituency by-election.

Nghaamwa, who spoke confidently of a 100 percent Swapo victory in both the by-election and national elections in November, said there should be no place for other parties in parliament come November this year – “it must only be Swapo”.

The governor pleaded with the Ohangwena Constituency community not to disappoint their leaders in the scheduled elections and encouraged them to campaign for the party by wearing their party colours starting on Saturday until the election tomorrow.

Addressing the rally, Swapo Vice-President Dr Hage Geingob urged fellow comrades who have left Swapo to come back home, gly stressing that they will be welcomed back into the party and can help build up the nation.

“Come back home, this is your home you know it. You will be welcomed so that together we march to build this nation,” said Geingob.

Geingob further called on Ohangwena Constituency residents to come out in numbers and smash the election by voting for the Swapo candidate Johannes Kornelius Hakanyome. He further said that Swapo is a tested party hence it can only put forward tested candidates.

“Don’t be lazy, come and vote, that is how we work hard in Swapo,” said Geingob.

Geingob also denounced other parties for being “cry babies” over whose flag is put on what tree – “who stopped them?” he said.

He encouraged party supporters not to be intimidated from wearing party colours.

According to Geingob, Namibia through the Swapo-led government has promoted peace and democracy, and boasts good governance and a growing economy.

Moreover, 90 percent of the schools in Ohangwena Region have access to clean potable water and 28 schools are also electrified, he added.

The rally was attended by a huge mass of people including one of Swapo’s oldest members Mzee Simon Kaukungwa, the Secretary General of the Swapo Party Nangolo Mbumba, Minister of Works and Transport Erkki Ngimtina and other dignitaries from Swapo.

Source : New Era