Allegations are rife at Engela District Hospital that some cleaners are stealing fuel from government-owned vehicles

ENGELA: Allegations are rife at the Engela District Hospital in the Ohangwena Region that some cleaners are stealing fuel from the government-owned vehicles of that hospital since the beginning of this year.

Sources from that hospital informed Nampa on Thursday that those allegedly responsible for the theft are selling it to motorists outside the hospital under the pretext that the petroleum was acquired from neighbouring Angola.

The Engela District Hospital is situated some five kilometres from the Namibia-Angola border.

The sources, which preferred to remain unnamed, have singled out a senior cleaner as the main culprit in the matter.

The sources claimed that the management of the hospital was informed about the theft earlier this year, but no action was taken, but they only asked the main culprit to stop taking fuel from Government vehicles without authorisation.

The main culprit sees himself as untouchable and fears nothing, because he is a close friend to the hospital’s transport officer, the sources alleged.

Approached for comment, Acting Director of the Health and Social Service Directorate in the Ohangwena Region, John Hango said he only recently learned from the management of the hospital that one of the cleaners was reprimanded for not being able to account for a five-litre container of fuel he was given to burn sensitive hospital materials some time ago.

That is the only case of misplacement of fuel by a cleaner that the hospital management has informed me about, he said, adding that his office does not have any concrete evidence on the matter.