Alleged killer fires his State-appointed defence lawyer

WINDHOEK; A Windhoek resident who stands accused of killing his girlfriend when he allegedly hit her with a blunt object on the head in September 2011, on Tuesday fired his State-appointed defence lawyer.

The 27-year-old Richard Hange parted ways with Moudi Hangula due to a misunderstanding between the lawyer and her client on how to proceed with the alleged murder trial.

As a result of this development, Hangula asked High Court Judge Christie Liebenberg to be allowed to withdraw from the matter.

Meanwhile, Hange returns to the Windhoek High Court on Wednesday morning when the court and prosecuting authority led by State Advocate Jack Eixab will try to find another defence lawyer for him.

In the alleged murder trial, Hange, who has been in police custody at the Windhoek Central Prison since his arrest in September 2011, stands accused of having killed his girlfriend Lisa Kandovazu on 27 September 2011.

According to a summary of substantial facts contained in the charge sheet, Hange and the deceased were in a domestic relationship and had a child together.

It is alleged that a heated argument erupted between the two at their residence in the informal settlement of Havana near the Wanaheda residential area in the capital.

He allegedly hit the deceased with an unknown blunt object on her head, tried to strangle her and/or stabbed her at least twice with a knife.

Kandovazu died on the scene due to blood loss caused by one of the stab wounds, while the injuries caused by the blunt force also contributed to the deceased’s demise.