Alleged Mob Attacker in Court

JOSUA Andowa (28), the man arrested over a case of malicious damage to property and assault after he allegedly attacked members of the Rally for Democracy and Progress at Outapi on Saturday, appeared in the town’s Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Andowa was not asked to plead and his case was postponed to 30 June 2014 to allow for further police investigations.

Omusati police liaison officer Linekela Shikongo told The Namibian that Andowa was part of a group of people who allegedly attacked RDP members, including the party’s regional secretary Immanuel Shikongo.

Shikongo was allegedly assaulted by Swapo supporters at Onhimbu informal settlement at Outapi as he and other RDP members were having a meeting at Simon Shimwe’s house in preparation for a party rally in the town.

Two young men, suspected to be Swapo members, arrived and asked who they were and what they were doing.

After being told they were local RDP leaders preparing for a rally, the two young men said they had been sent by Omusati Swapo Party regional coordinator Erigius Endjala to stop the meeting.

The two allegedly told them that RDP meetings and rallies were not allowed at Outapi and Omusati.

He said the two then left but returned later, leading a mob of between 20 and 30 people, who allegedly started beating up the RDP members and confiscating their party flags.

The RDP secretary also said a scuffle over the flags ensued and some of his leaders scurried for cover inside Shimwe’s house. The mob then pelted the house with stones, smashing some windows in the process. Endjala denied sending anybody to disrupt the RDP meeting and said he was even not in the region at the time. “Those who claim I sent them to disrupt that meeting must tell the truth. I didn’t and I do not know about such a meeting,” he said, adding that the fighting was reported to him on Saturday evening.

The RDP leadership in Windhoek yesterday condemned the incident, saying the party will not succumb to the philosophy of ‘no go zone areas’.

Jeremiah Nambinga, RDP secretary of information and publicity, said the intimidation was aimed at consolidating the Swapo philosophy that Omusati is and should remain a ‘no go zone’ for other parties. He said Swapo must realise that such provocations have the potential of creating civil strife.

Source : The Namibian