’Alter Ego’ a Barrel of Laughs

“Bring on the laughter!” The Theatre Sports team wowed during their hilarious ‘Alter Ego’ performance at the Franco-Namibia Cultural Centre (FNCC) theatre last Thursday.

Two teams of superheroes, namely ‘The Avengers’ and ‘The Fantastic Three’ went up against each other while the fearsome umpire, Judge Dredd, aka Tanya Terblanche, co-ordinated the games.

Instead of a ‘sit-watch-laugh-leave’ type of scenario, the audience were encouraged to boo or cheer on their favourite teams, create unlikely situations for the actors to perform in and make up uncanny inventions that the actors were required to imitate. Indeed, the full house certainly had their 30 bucks worth of serious laughter and then some.

“The turnout amazed me because there were a lot of performances before and sometimes there would be empty seats. I think my actors did quite well. “Our plan is to introduce groups of newcomers and we want to target people who are interested in acting. It could be anyone, even children, especially those who are ready to reach other and learn from each others. It’s a developing show,” said Terblanche, who is also a lecturer at Unam’s drama department.

During the first round, children from the audience positioned the actors in uncomfortable positions and each team, consisting of three actors, had to come up with situations that would get the audience in stitches. The actors certainly impressed with their level of innovation.

The second round required the actors to introduce an invention to the crowd and get their teammates to guess what it is.

Picture a time machine that makes milkshake and an exercise machine for obese chickens. Or a robot that does homework, has a hat and cooks dinner.

Pretty funny, right?

The most entertaining team were the ‘The Avengers’: Blessing Mbonambi (The Nutty Professor), Luktos Shikongo (The Undertaker) and Alicia Brandt (Phoenix) who won with 27 points.

‘The Fantastic Three’, Risto Nghambe (Rizzy Mysterio), Junelle Stroh (Tank Gal) and Asnath Kaffo (The Easter Bunny), followed close behind with a 24 points.

In a nutshell, both teams had their fair share of fun and first-time performer Asnath Kaffo described the performance as a huge success. “I really enjoyed the audience’s reaction. They indicated positive vibes.”

Surely, the next Theatre Sports show in a few weeks, is not to be missed.

Source : The Namibian