Ama Daz Floor Launch Album

The sensational singing quartet of Zee Bee, Anchux, Doctie and Sixa who goes by the stage name of Ama Daz Floor, launch their much anticipated long waited debut album, titled Mwakala Nale, this Friday at Firehouse Pub, Greenwell Matongo in Eveline Street.

The group has been making a serious buzz locally with its Afro Pop and Kwaito music compositions. Following their notable success, the group has been endearing itself even to fans in the capital. Zee Bee says they chose to title their first ever album Mwakala Nale because it has been their hit single for long, which means “it has been long time waiting for us to be where we are today”.

The 18-track album features the likes of Tate Buti, Kamati, Yashe Tati Pii, Omakanda, Monique, Tafandji and Anna Batwana. Zee Bee adds that fans should watch out for songs like Mwakala Nale remix, and Iilonga, speaking about all the works and efforts of producing the album. Eduwa and Hobola are also some of the songs worth listening to.

Young T, Yashe Tati Pii, Pro Kings, Monique, Chizza, ile and YPS are some of the local talents featuring at Ama Daz Floor’s album’s launch. Commenting on the album, Sixa says that even though there has been intense pressure to continue putting together quality songs, they are not bothered as their new album will prove that Ama Daz Floor is certainly not a one hit quartet. “We believe that this project is solid and have remixes of songs that people will easily relate to,” Anchux conludes.

Source : New Era