amcol is for all Namibians: Mujeu

GOBABIS; The Namibian College of Education (Namcol) area co-ordinator for the Omaheke Region, Tjivenomuinjo Mujeu has dispelled the notion that Namcol was created to only cater for ‘failures’ of the formal education system.

Mujeu told Nampa in an interview on Tuesday that such perceptions threaten to harm the image of the education institution, especially in the Omaheke Region were the institution has recorded low enrolment figures.

The Omaheke coordinator said the institution is open to everyone who intends to obtain formal school qualifications at Grade 10 and 12 level, while others can also enrol for vocational courses offered by the institution.

“People have a very wrong perception that Namcol is only for failures. That is not the case; we are here for all Namibians who want to further their studies. Education is an ongoing process that is undertaken by anyone despite their age,” he said.

According to Mujeu, many prospective students have failed to complete their studies at the institution mainly because they were being stigmatised by society by being classified as failures.

He also urged residents of Omaheke who have an interest in pursuing studies in vocational fields such as auto mechanic, plumbing and bricklaying amongst others; to register at any Namcol centre throughout the region.

“We have aligned our courses with the needs of the communities, as such many of the most sought-after areas of expertise are catered for. If you feel that doing school subjects is perhaps not for you, then you can choose from a wide range of other courses on offer that are bound to cater for your needs as an adult learner,” he noted.

Namcol was created by an Act of Parliament (Act 1 of 1997), which provides learning opportunities for adults and out-of-school youth.

In November 1994, the education institution was initially established as a directorate within the then Ministry of Basic Education and Culture (MBEC). This transition period was completed on 01 April 1998, when the newly-established institution took over responsibility for all continuing education programmes formerly administered by the MBEC.