Amupanda Quits Before He Is Fired

SWAPO Party Youth League spokesperson Job Amupanda might not be out of the woods completely, despite resigning from the league’s executive yesterday.

Apart from an attempt by a faction within the league to have Amupanda suspended, The Namibian understands that the party’s top four had scheduled a meeting last night to discuss his fate.

Amupanda resigned before any of those moves could materialise.

SPYL secretary Elijah Ngurare, Amupanda and other youth leaders – Dimbulukeni Nauyoma and George Kambala – met Swapo secretary general Nangolo Mbumba on Tuesday night.

Kambala and Nauyoma joined Amupanda in the Sunday land grabbing incident in Kleine Kuppe.

Mbumba reportedly only inquired about their decision to occupy land and how long they intended to stay there.

While Mbumba was meeting them, SPYL deputy secretary Veikko Nekundi led a group which called for Amupanda’s suspension.

The Namibian has seen a letter dated 11 November and written by Nekundi to Ngurare, which called for Amupanda’s suspension.

The letter was copied to President Hifikepunye Pohamba, Prime Minister Hage Geingob, Mbumba and his deputy Laura McLeod-Katjirua.

Nekundi called for the “immediate suspension of comrades Amupanda, Nauyoma and Kambala from the SPYL”, claiming that it was becoming a trend for the SPYL leadership to disregard the party’s position.

“We cannot ideologically or politically defend the actions of Job Amupanda and his cohorts as they are premised on a serious misinterpretation of our cause and are politically divisive, destabilising and counterintuitive,” wrote Nekundi.

Nekundi could neither confirm nor deny yesterday that he campaigned for Amupanda’s suspension, saying he does things through the correct leadership structures and would not want to discuss his actions in public.

In the letter, he accused fellow youth leaders of resorting to ‘maverick strategies’ because they failed to be taken seriously by the party.

The letter also claimed the trio had the potential to destabilise the country and plunge it into chaos.

Furthermore, the letter said Amupanda’s actions give the opposition parties ammunition against Swapo, since his antics happened on the eve of the National and Presidential Elections.

While Nekundi and his faction were allegedly plotting Amupanda’s downfall, the radical youth leader decided to jump before he was pushed, by submitting his resignation letter to Ngurare yesterday.

Amupanda explained in the letter that one of the things he cherishes is owning himself, a principle which he will not trade for anything even in difficult times. He said that he refused to be a consequence and extension of other people’s opinions and imaginations.

“Indeed, I have always refused and will continue to refuse to be reduced to a jacket of someone or some people,” he said, repeating his stance to represent the poor people and claiming that his passion for standing by the poor irked those in the corridors of power.

“Expectedly, those opposed to these principles, those who think our role must be tea boys clapping hands and singing songs, found my character alien for they are used to obedient zombies who ask no question and get rewarded for their mediocrity and for maintaining silence,” Amupanda said.

He claimed that being in the national executive committee of SPYL has come to mean something different from what he thought it was. He will, however, remain a member of the SPYL central committee, concentrate on his activist campaigns and spend more time in the villages with rural communities who need his help.

“I will also continue campaigning for the party and candidate to win overwhelmingly,” he promised.

The youth leader warned Ngurare not to surrender and reduce the ruling party youth wing into a club of water boys and girls clapping hands and singing songs.

In reaction, Mbumba said: “I don’t have the letter, but I am not in the office. No comment at this moment.”

He promised to comment later.

Ngurare confirmed receiving Amupanda’s resignation letter and said he has not yet applied his mind to it. He refused to comment further.

Some angry SPYL members who support Amupanda, bitterly complained over Amupanda’s treatment saying both deputy Prime Minister Marco Hausiku and deputy trade minister Tjekero Tweya have been in the media for grabbing land but have not been treated in the same manner.

Others celebrated Amupanda’s resignation yesterday but admitted that the youth leader will go down as a hero as he sacrificed his job for a course even though he was reckless in executing it.

“We need to adhere to the law, even if you are not happy, until such time that the law is changed,” said a central committee member.

Sources claimed that it could get worse for Amupanda, if the top four decide to take a harsher punishment against him.

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Source : The Namibian