Amupanda quits SPYL National Executive Committe

WINDHOEK; Swapo-Party Youth League (SPYL) Secretary for Information, Publicity and Mobilisation Job Amupanda has resigned from the league’s National Executive Committee with immediate effect.

In a letter directed to SPYL Secretary Eliah Ngurare and forwarded to the media on Wednesday morning, Amupanda explained that he refuses “to turn the other cheek to be slapped”.

“The situation has become too untenable such that being in the National Executive Committee has clearly come to mean something different from what some of us thought it was,” he said in the letter.

“I am unable to continue serving as Secretary for Information, Publicity and Mobilisation. I will continue to remain a member of SPYL Central Committee,” he said.

The firebrand leader said he will concentrate on his activism campaign and spend more time in villages and rural communities who need his help the most.

“I will spend more time lobbying resources for the youth and their activities. I will concentrate my efforts to affirmative repositioning, mobilising youth so that our leaders can realise how serious the issue of land is, and that solutions need to be found before it is too late,” he stated.

Amupanda indicated that he will continue campaigning for the party and its candidate to win overwhelmingly during the forthcoming general elections, and will particularly take the election campaign to clubs, bars and other places where the youth are.

He made headlines early this week when he and two other young people illegally occupied a plot in Windhoek’s affluent Klein Kuppe suburb, claiming that he will put up a structure on the land because he fears being a ‘useless father and husband to his family’ because of not being able to buy a house.