Amupanda Resigns As SPYL Information Secretary

The Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) secretary for information, publicity and mobilisation, Job Amupanda, resigned from his position in the organisation. He however remains a member of the SPYL central committee.

In a letter written to the SPYL’s secretary, Elijah Ngurare, Amupanda states why he cannot continue in that position.

“One of the things I am clear about is owning myself it is a principle that is sacred to me which I will never trade for anything even in difficult times.

“Indeed, I have always refused and will continue to refuse to be reduced to a jacket of someone or some people.

“It is the same with justice (as in fairness) and truth. I have a well-known bias towards the oppressed poor black people and critical of the elites and the bourgeoisie.

“I am very biased, of course, to the youth, that I represent. Expectedly, those opposed to these principles, those who think our role must be tea boys clapping hands and singing songs found my character alien for they are used to obedient zombies who ask no question and get rewarded for their mediocrity and for maintaining silence.

“As you are aware, attempts are being made to place the above principles on auction. To reduce me into a jacket, a consequence and extension of other people’s opinion. To reduce me into a silent zombie with no opinion but to clap hands and sing songs.

“It is being made clear that I must appear indifferent even when those we represent are desperately looking for someone to stand up for them.

“I refuse to turn the other cheek to be slapped as would the biblical character we read when we were young. The situation has become untenable.

“I will concentrate more on my activists’ campaigns and will spend more times in villages and rural communities that need my help the most. I will spend more time lobbying resources for youth and their activities.

“I will concentrate my efforts to affirmative repositioning, mobilising youth so that our leaders can realise how serious the issue of land is and that the solutions need to be found before it is too late,” he said.

On Sunday Amupanda moved into a vacant plot in Kleine Kuppe along the road to Heroes Acre, saying the youth can no longer cope with the escalating costs of renting flats and town houses.

Amupanda and a few others decided to take matters into their own hands and grabbed municipal land in response to reports on how the Windhoek municipality has been dishing out land to councillors, their children and ‘special’ members of society.

The angry youth said they were tired of waiting for government since the country’s political leadership has proven to be reluctant to deal with the extremely high cost of urban land, housing and rentals.

They said ordinary citizens’ applications for land to build houses have been ignored by the municipality while property developers have been receiving large tracts of land to build town houses leaving people with no option but to rent from them.

Source : The Namibian